How to set up email on iPhone & iPad:

1. Select the settings icon on your home screen

Account Settings

2. Select Mail

Account Settings

3. Select Accounts

Account Settings

4. Select Add Account…

Account Settings

5. Select Other from the menu

Account Settings

6. Select Add Mail Account

Account Settings

 Enter your account information

7. Enter your Name, Email & Password > Next

Setup account Manually

Configure Incoming and Outgoing Servers 

8. Select POP >> Scroll down to Incoming Mail Server and enter all the relevant details, then do the same for Outgoing Mail Server, as in the screen below and then select Next.

  • Ensure that User Name is the full email address
  • User Name & Password are the same for both Incoming & Outgoing servers

Choose options

Verify Server Identity:

9. You may receive a prompt asking you to verify the incoming and outgoing servers – you can click Continue for each.

Choose options

10. Save 

Server settings

11. Choose the new account that you’ve just created



Setup completed

13. Choose the SMTP server

Setup completed


Setup completed

10. Check the SMTP settings:

User Name is the full email address
Use SSL is on
Athentication is Password
Server Port is 587

Setup completed

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